Pet product introduction

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Pet product introduction

Cats food

Cats Eating Food

Pet food is animal feed, which is sold in pet stores and supermarkets. There are varieties of food for the animals. Pet food is made according to animals’ tastes.

Such as for
  • Dogs have dog food.
  • Cats have cat food.
  • Penguins have Penguine food.
  • Birds have Birds food.
  • Rabbits have Rabbit food.

Most meat food used for animals is a made by-product of the human food industry. Pat food is not human grade. Types of dog food : Wet: Wet foods are highly moistured They usually are cooked at high temperatures to sterilize. Can, pouches, and foil trays are common packing for wet food. Also in some stores frozen are available. Dry: Dried food is low moisture. Most commonly air-dried. Dried food made with such as salmon fish, chicken, etc. Raw: Raw food which is not processed. It is cooked at home. Basically, homemade food is made freshly. for more updates please visit our website.


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