Birds Life Style, food and essential needs

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Birds Life Style, food and essential needs

Birds are very special animals and have different forms and all-natural birds are almost the same. Every birds have own life style. For example, all birds have feathers, wings, and legs. All birds can lay eggs. They are very important for our natural environment. Birds are of different sizes. The smallest is 2 inches and the largest is 2.75 meters.

Beautiful Bird
Beautiful Bird

For example, hummingbirds are the smallest birds and ostriches are the biggest birds. There are different kinds of birds like penguins they can’t fly. There are some birds that are known by their intelligence to be parrots and Corvidae. But we have beautiful peacocks which symbolize rain and good weather. Birds connect very closely with the natural environment. They can predict the weather and a coal mine is set up to predict an explosion. It’s because they are very sensitive to high carbon monoxide. They enjoy social as well as music. The birds enjoy the freedom and go anywhere without any obstacle.

Beautiful Bird Flaying

My favorite bird

My favorite bird is the parrot. This bird has many colors which are present in many parts of the world. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Parrots are famous for their vivid colors. Some parrots are simple, of one color and some are of different colors like a rainbow. Some parrots are small in size and some are medium in size. Those eat seeds, nuts, and fruits.

Parrots are very clever; Parrots are good at imitating human words. Parrots can talk like human beings. Parrots are unique in their appearance and behavior. Parrots belong to the kingdom.

How can we save the birds?

We can save the birds if we want, with some effort we can collect water for them to drink. We can improve bird feeders for them and also plant native trees. We can build bird nests for birds and gardens for them so that they can feed on insects and make their own food.  

Birds play a significant role in human life alongside our environment and living things on earth. Birds are vital to our ecosystem and food chain. Birds are very beautiful but because of human greed, many birds are becoming extinct. People hunt exotic birds, capture them in cages and sell them. This has a detrimental effect on our environment and the bird’s kingdom. Even man-made pesticides and pollutants have been shown to cause serious harm to birds by breathing in contaminated air and eating infected fruit. We need to protect the birds and keep the ecosystem from collapsing.

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