Dogs are human’s best friends. Today I’m going to share some amazing facts about dogs .

1. Dogs can smell 40 percent better than us.
2. Some dogs can sniff out any medical problems.
3. They can both breathe and sniff at the same time.
4. Some dogs can swim incredibly.
5. Some are so fast they could beat a cheetah!
6. They move their ears with 18 muscles.
7. Their nose works as a fingerprint.
8. They could be left or right-pawed.
9. They are intelligent as a two-year-old.
10. Their hearing is more sensitive than humans.

Birds are very special animals and have different forms and all-natural birds are almost the same. Every birds have own life style. For example, all birds have feathers, wings, and legs. All birds can lay eggs. They are very important for our natural environment. Birds are of different sizes. The smallest is 2 inches and the largest is 2.75 meters.

Beautiful Bird
Beautiful Bird

For example, hummingbirds are the smallest birds and ostriches are the biggest birds. There are different kinds of birds like penguins they can’t fly. There are some birds that are known by their intelligence to be parrots and Corvidae. But we have beautiful peacocks which symbolize rain and good weather. Birds connect very closely with the natural environment. They can predict the weather and a coal mine is set up to predict an explosion. It’s because they are very sensitive to high carbon monoxide. They enjoy social as well as music. The birds enjoy the freedom and go anywhere without any obstacle.

Beautiful Bird Flaying

My favorite bird

My favorite bird is the parrot. This bird has many colors which are present in many parts of the world. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Parrots are famous for their vivid colors. Some parrots are simple, of one color and some are of different colors like a rainbow. Some parrots are small in size and some are medium in size. Those eat seeds, nuts, and fruits.

Parrots are very clever; Parrots are good at imitating human words. Parrots can talk like human beings. Parrots are unique in their appearance and behavior. Parrots belong to the kingdom.

How can we save the birds?

We can save the birds if we want, with some effort we can collect water for them to drink. We can improve bird feeders for them and also plant native trees. We can build bird nests for birds and gardens for them so that they can feed on insects and make their own food.  

Birds play a significant role in human life alongside our environment and living things on earth. Birds are vital to our ecosystem and food chain. Birds are very beautiful but because of human greed, many birds are becoming extinct. People hunt exotic birds, capture them in cages and sell them. This has a detrimental effect on our environment and the bird’s kingdom. Even man-made pesticides and pollutants have been shown to cause serious harm to birds by breathing in contaminated air and eating infected fruit. We need to protect the birds and keep the ecosystem from collapsing.

 “A cat provides unconditional affection and companionship. Having a kitty companion helps relax and enhance the heart health of people.”

Cat is one of the calmest and most domesticated is a blessing to have a cat in your life. End of the day when you will come home being, it will make the best companion to relieve your tiredness. Cats are independent creatures. It enjoys roaming and exploring on its own. They are also incredibly sweet and gentle with their owners and anyone they trust. After a hard day at work, cats enjoy cuddling up in your lap and watching television or reading a book. When you perform this act comfortably, you are able to release a flood of chemicals in your brain. This naturally relieves stress well into the evening, helping you to get through the day without thinking about anything else.

Why cats are great pets?

  • Cats require only minimal maintenance. They are also suitable for apartment dwellers or those living in cities. Playing and exploring in your kitchen will keep them busy for hours – they don’t need a lot of space to enjoy themselves.
  • They are pretty quiet. The sound of meowing cats is often enough to distract your attention from your work when they’re hungry.
  • They’re self-sufficient. Despite their ability to keep themselves entertained, cats will be there for you when you need them.
  • They will also eliminate pests. It’s no secret that cats love to hunt mice. Nonetheless, they are excellent bug killers.
  • They live for a long time. Because of their longer lifespans, you’ll be able to spend more time around them—up to 20 years in certain cases.

How to take care of a cat?

  • A brand new litter box:  Since most cats are indoor cats, you’ll need a litter box. It is handy, but it must be cleaned on a daily basis to avoid odors. Pet shops sell litter mixes that make scooping trash and controlling odors simple.
  • Grooming frequently: Even though a cat does not require as much grooming as a dog, it takes effort to keep your home from becoming a giant hairball. Washing your cat once a week is usually sufficient, and convenient cat grooming supplies can be found at certain pet shops.
  • A scratching post: Many cats scratch and paw at curtains, furniture, and pretty much anything else that catches their attention.
  • Well-balanced diet: Consult your veterinarian to ensure that your cat is eating a balanced diet. Overeating can affect health greatly. To avoid contamination, keep their food and water dishes away from their litter box.
  • A secure atmosphere: Cats are tiny, fragile animals that prefer to spend most of their time indoors. A proper shelter has to be ensured so that other animals and vehicles can to harm it.


Rabbit Life style and food Have you at any point taken a gander at your pet and thought, “Exactly what is happening in that cerebrum of yours?” Well, Young Post has been getting the down and out from vets and other creature specialists to assist you with interpreting your fuzzy companion’s way of behaving and what it very well may think.

This week, we’re guessing the thoughts and communicating in the language of fleecy rabbits. These delicate critters have a one-of-a-kind correspondence style all of their own. Rabbit Life style and food

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Abnormal feline ways of behaving mean this

  • Squatting down


At the point when hares look tense while hunching or resting in an almost level situation against the ground, it, as a rule, implies they are anxious, stressed, or unfortunate. It is ideal to not stand excessively near them while they are here. In the event that they are frightened, they could unexpectedly run off and coincidentally hurt themselves.

  • Binky


This conduct is the Rabbit Life style and food point at which a hare jumps out of sight while contorting its body and throwing its feet out. A binky is a blissful leap that shows your hare is feeling delighted and happy.

Yet, don’t be daunted on the off chance that your hair doesn’t do this. Rabbit Life style and food Senior bunnies with degenerative joint sickness (where their joints wear out as their bones rub against one another) are typically restricted in their activities, and can’t show you how cheerful and secure they feel.

The equivalent goes for overweight and tubby bunnies, who could find it harder to leap off the ground.

We’re speculating cuddling most likely means love. We’re speculating cuddling presumably implies love Rabbit Life style and food.



Reinforced bunnies show love by preparing one another.   At the point when a bunny licks a human friend, it is showing love and attempting to reinforce the bond they share.

Sitting upstanding with paws “boxing”
You will ordinarily see this lovably peculiar “boxing” activity not long before a hare utilizes its paws to prep its face, eyes, nose, and ears. Nonetheless, if the “boxing” activity is coordinated against another hare or towards you, they are presumably miserable or attempting to protect themselves Rabbit Life style and food.

Why your canine likes to dig inside

  • Slumping onto its side


Rabbit Life style and food  Some new bunny proprietors are stunned when their hares flop over onto their sides interestingly. Yet, you can definitely relax – that implies your bunny is truly happy. Bunnies for the most part flop in conditions where they have a solid sense of reassurance and security in, and the activity is a certain sign they are getting a charge out of Rabbit Life style and food life.

At the point when a bunny drops down rapidly to lie on its side, at times, it will try and move onto its back. A few bunnies likewise dig strongly at one spot and pivot a few times before the huge failure (discuss being emotional!).

Instructions to be a decent rabbit parent

Licking furniture and article 
Here and there your bunny’s licking might stretch out to furniture or items you use – that is likewise a sign they like you. In any case, in the event that you notice your bunny is licking objects relentlessly, this might mean they are exhausted or need mental excitement. Extreme licking of their own jacket and skin, then again, may show they have outer parasites or contaminations and will require veterinary consideration.

Cats food

Cats Eating Food

Pet food is animal feed, which is sold in pet stores and supermarkets. There are varieties of food for the animals. Pet food is made according to animals’ tastes.

Such as for
  • Dogs have dog food.
  • Cats have cat food.
  • Penguins have Penguine food.
  • Birds have Birds food.
  • Rabbits have Rabbit food.

Most meat food used for animals is a made by-product of the human food industry. Pat food is not human grade. Types of dog food : Wet: Wet foods are highly moistured They usually are cooked at high temperatures to sterilize. Can, pouches, and foil trays are common packing for wet food. Also in some stores frozen are available. Dry: Dried food is low moisture. Most commonly air-dried. Dried food made with such as salmon fish, chicken, etc. Raw: Raw food which is not processed. It is cooked at home. Basically, homemade food is made freshly. for more updates please visit our website.